Crowdfunding Project


Making it real

What you see before your eyes are DownloadFreeSound in its current state. This is what we can do by ourselves, without any budget, in our sparetime.

When we bought this domain about a year ago we had a grand vision: to make the worlds best free online sound library. But as you can see, this website is not easy or intuitive to use, and the selection of sounds are way too small.

We want to change this fact. We want to make our vision come true. We want to make it real.
…and we want you to help us.

The Voice of the People – Crowdfunding

We’re currently in the process of starting a crowdfunding campaign to make DownloadFreeSound fulfill its true potential. Our main focus is a tag searching system that will not only make it extremely easy for you to find sound effects but even inspire you to make better choices for your overall sound.

As professional sound designers we browse through thousands of sound files everyday. This makes us aware of how frustrating it can be to find just the right sound effect.
Even if you have a clear idea of how it should sound you sometimes end up spending way too much time locating it, or maybe even give up and have to settle for less.

With our crowdfunding campaign we will make this frustration a thing of the past. If everything goes as planned we will have the campaign up and running in less than a month. We will of course provide a link to the campaign right here.

Easy search

Above all DownloadFreeSound is meant to be an effective tool. This means that the search engine is the ultimately most important element, and that we will do everything we can to make it able to handle all kinds of different uses.

There are a lot of different ways of looking for sounds:
Some sounds are not originating from the source that you would expect them to. Some sounds are very specific but you can’t remember the exact sound-giving object. In some sounds you need a specific timbre, distance or space. And sometimes you just want to check out a lot of genre specific sounds.

As a game designer for example you need six different but similar gun shots. But this requires a lot of browsing between hundreds of gun shot sounds. Our search engine will make this easier by analysing the sound and searching by attributes in the timbre of the sound.

Our primary goal is to make searching for sounds on our website quicker and more intuitive than searching on your computer.

What is DownloadFreeSound?

DownloadFreeSound will offer a huge amount of constantly updated quality sound effects and music.

DownloadFreeSound is aimed at film producers and game developers around the world who has to work around a tight budget, and sound designers who needs a tool to quickly find sounds.

…and yes it’s all going to be free.

Help us make this even better

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to make this project even more awesome than it already is, you are very welcome to write us at

The team behind DownloadFreeSound.