Crowdfunding Project

Making it real

What you see before your eyes are DownloadFreeSound in its current state. This is what we can do by ourselves, without any budget, in our sparetime.

When we bought this domain for little more than a year ago we had a grand vision: to make the worlds best free online sound library.

What is DownloadFreeSound?

DownloadFreeSound will offer a huge amount of constantly updated quality sound effects.

DownloadFreeSound is a online sound library aimed at film producers and game developers around the world who has to work around a tight budget, as well as sound designers who needs a tool to quickly find the right sounds.

…and yes it’s all going to be free.

Help us make this even better

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to make the vision of this project more awesome than it already is, you are very welcome to write us at

Morten Barfod Søegaard,
and the rest of the team behind DownloadFreeSound.